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"Women's bodies have near-perfect knowledge of childbirth; it's when their brains get involved that things can go wrong."
Peggy Vincent

Jennifer Anderson, BirthFusion

Jennifer Anderson, RN, BSN

About Me

As a nurse for almost 25 years, I have a unique perspective on labor support and normal birth. Practicing nursing at the Sutter Davis Birthing Center has given me some of the most precious moments of my nursing career. While supporting and educating women to make informed decisions, and enabling them to have a sense of control over their birth experience, I have had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of births and welcoming many families into this world in many unique ways. From tub births to epidurals to cesarean births — I've seen A LOT. Normal birth is something I wish for every woman to experience, but "normal" means something different to everyone. For some, the goal is a "healthy baby, healthy mom" and their road map is more fluid. For others, prior experiences, or an intense desire for certain outcomes gives them a more solid goal for their overall birth experience. I've worked with many definitions of families, from same sex couples and triads, to extended families, to "just us". I've worked with many different cultures and women from a wonderful array of countries with different birth beliefs. I've worked with the full spectrum of birth experiences from first births to 9th baby, twins to VBACs, from unmedicated births to medical inductions, from healthy low-risk births to women with high-risk conditions associated with their births or known congenital defects of their newborn. While I no longer practice as an RN (labor support is my passion now), my years of experience at a low intervention facility and increasing client base as a professional doula continue to provide me with experiences that help me cater to the widest range of clients possible.

Jennifer Anderson and client, BirthFusion

In the spring of 2014, I stepped down as coordinator of the Sutter Davis Volunteer Doula Program. I coordinated this program since 2010 and enjoyed wonderful successes as it grew and became the premier program of its kind in this region. The Volunteer Doula Program continues to thrive under new leadership as I continue to volunteer my services and train new doulas. I gain much pleasure from providing this free service to women who might otherwise not afford it, choose it, or even consider a doula. I'm an educator at heart and absolutely love training new doulas in the art of labor support. I continue to expand my experiences by working with women from all walks of life and in all stages of labor. Meeting a woman for the first time at 5cm and figuring out how I can help her have the birth experience she desires is a challenge that will never get old for me and I get great satisfaction from sharing this knowledge with aspiring doulas and birth professionals alike.

As an educator at heart, I'm excited to announce that I will be taking ownership of the childbirth education series by Mother & Baby Source (MBS) in February of 2015. I have been teaching for MBS since 2007 and have walked hundreds of couples through the childbirth experience in a classroom setting. I plan to continue the same great educational format that so many families in the region have enjoyed for years, while continuing to apply current research and evidence as it becomes available. I absolutely LOVE imparting wisdom and knowledge, and therefore power, to families as they prepare for their birth while using humor and a relaxed setting to make the information fun and informative for all learners. To read more about the class series and to register online (coming soon), visit my Classes page.  

Lastly, I like to say I've been a photographer longer than I've been a nurse, doula, educator or mother. I am enjoying a wonderful rebirth of this passion by marrying my comfort in the labor room and around birth with my candid photography skills to offer you a photojournalistic view of your journey to parenthood with tasteful, intimate, and powerful images of your birth. Read more about how I work photography into labor support on my Photography page, and enjoy examples of my work on every page of this site and on the gallery page, in the final format that clients receive, a slideshow set to music with a time line in what I like to call your "visual birth story".

Combining my skills as an RN, doula, educator, photographer, and mother, I have found a home in what I do in the town that I love and call home. I have 2 school-aged children, one born at Sutter Davis Birthing Center with some medical interventions and complications, but with safety, dignity, and respect, and one born in a tub in my living room. Both births were beautiful in their own way and have defined me as a mother and empowered me as a woman. My ability to fuse my various passions and skills into this unique service can be found no where else and I am thrilled to use a combination of all of these to tailor a plan for every family. I mainly support births at Sutter Davis Birthing Center and home births.