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"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."
Marie Morgan


Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Education Curriculum coming soon!

I am excited to begin training for the new Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Education Curriculum in December 2018. I will be bringing to Davis a completely revamped way of looking at childbirth classes, along with a completely new way of attending them.


One of the most fun changes will be the hybrid classroom model of two face-to-face classes at the beginning and end of the series, coupled with weekly online videos to watch at home, and weekly online live chats with Jennifer about the material you watched that week. It's a "flipped classroom" model where you do the main informational learning in your home and on your own schedule - making the most of our busy lives and free time. We then can make the most of our time together by discussing what you've learned, asking questions, sharing insights with others, and make the experience personal for you.


All of the online videos were created by Rebecca Dekker RN, PhD of Evidence Based Birth® and will include the most up-to-date evidence on maternity and newborn care. I'm extremely excited to be part of the first cohort that will be rolling out this curriculum in January. If you are due in March or beyond, there will be a class for you. I will post updates here so check back in late December for class dates in 2019!

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Single prenatal planning session or a complete series

Because I am taking the fall to prepare for the new Evidence Based Birth® curriculum, I am offering single and multiple sessions with me, in the comfort of your own home, to educate yourself about the childbirth experience and plan for your own personal journey into parenthood.

I have 2 options available. A single prenatal planning session is identical to what I provide for my private doula clients. We discuss your prenatal and general health history and work in new developments that may impact your childbirth options. We discuss your wishes for your birth experience and I lend my expertise to what you can do to put yourself as close to those goals as possible. You'll leave this 2-3 hour single meeting with more confidence about your options, a host of resources for your late pregnancy, childbirth, and post partum experiences, and ideas for how to make your birth unique to you. This meeting is in the comfort of your own home, and on your schedule. The cost for this single planning session is $175.

I'm also offering a multi-session option for couples who truly desire a deeper understanding of the childbirth process but simply cannot make group childbirth classes work for your schedule, or can't seem to find the perfect type of class for you. This time with me will review concepts and the evidence on various aspects of childbirth, and is tailored to what you want to learn and what I believe every woman should be prepared for going into childbirth. Because it's just us, we get to personalize how any health issues you may have will affect your childbirth experience, discuss the policies and procedures of YOUR birthing facility, and include any other support members who will be present at your birth. This option is 2-3 sessions in your home, on your schedule, and cost $300.

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If you have any other questions that were not answered here, please email me at jennifer@birthfusion.com.