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"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."
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Birth Fusion Childbirth Education Series

The Birth Fusion Childbirth Education Series is a popular childbirth preparation class taught in Davis, CA. Jennifer Anderson is an experienced labor and delivery nurse, an active professional doula in the Davis community, and an established birth photographer. Jennifer has been teaching childbirth education in Davis since 2005. She has guided hundreds couples through the childbirth process as an RN, doula, and educator. Her ongoing, hands-on experience with childbirth, professional birth photography, humor and enthusiasm come together to provide a realistic and entertaining childbirth class experience for the mother and birth partner alike.

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What sets the Birth Fusion childbirth class experience apart?

  • Jennifer is a former RN at the Sutter Davis Birthing Center and coordinated the Sutter Davis Volunteer Doula Program from 2010-2014
  • Jennifer has been accepted into the Evidence Based Birth® Instructor Program and utilizes current research to support the information provided
  • Couples walk through a real-time labor simulation and learn support tips useful throughout all stages of the labor process
  • An unbiased review of common medical procedures that couples may need to consider during the childbirth process
  • Exploration of natural alternatives to inductions, augmentations, and medical pain relief
  • An in-depth discussion of the challenges of newborn care and post-partum mood disorders
  • An inspiring message from the nurse manager of the Sutter Davis Birthing Center
  • Q&A with a Sutter Davis pediatrician
  • A breath and relaxation session with local prenatal yoga instructor and massage therapist, Emily Bay
  • Use of photography throughout the series to provide real-life visuals of the topics being discussed

About the Series

The Birth Fusion Childbirth Education Series is a comprehensive 4-class series covering 18 hours worth of information and true stories in childbirth and the challenging post-partum period. Classes are held on weekend afternoons at the beautiful Pence Gallery, in downtown Davis, to meet the scheduling challenges of busy couples.

The first class is devoted to covering all aspects of childbirth including the anatomy and physiology of childbirth as well as understanding the physical changes that will take place in the two weeks after birth. The second class covers common medical procedures and medical pain relief options, as well as non-medical alternatives to these procedures. We also review the indications for a cesarean birth and show photographs of what this type of birth can look like. We spend time in the 3rd class examining how our perceptions of childbirth can affect our labor experience and how our bodies react to fear in ways that can increase the pain of childbirth. In this class, we also focus on the use of water in labor, professional labor support (doulas) and the birth partner’s feelings as labor progresses. This class ends with a simulated labor exercise to build familiarity with what comfort measures will be useful at what times in your labor. Many couples highlight this class as their favorite and most realistic part of the series. The fourth class is a delightful collection speakers on various aspects of birth and beyond, including a Q&A session from a pediatrician, a welcome message from the manager of the Sutter Davis Birthing Center, and an in depth discussion about normal newborn behavior and post partum mood disorders

The baby care and breastfeeding classes are held on weeknights at Mother & Baby Source. These classes cover the basic aspects of newborn care and highlight the topics of newborn health and appearance, normal bowel and bladder habits, sleep habits, and the challenging question of “why won’t my baby stop crying?”. The breastfeeding class offers answers to many questions new moms have about breastfeeding, including normal behavior of the breastfed baby and how to make the “breastfeeding lifestyle” work in different situations.

Classes are designed to be taken all in one series, but if couples have a conflict with one of the dates, please email jennifer@birthfusion.com. She will work with you to put you on a waitlist for that class in another series.

The fee for the childbirth series is $275. We recommend taking a class series that will end 1-2 months before your due date. This is a popular series for families in the Davis and surrounding communities, so we recommend registering early to secure your space in a series that works best for you.

Birth Fusion has partnered with Evelyn Miller, IBCLC to provide prenatal breastfeeding classes held at Davis Communicare Clinic (across the parking lot from Sutter Davis Birthing Center). This class covers how milk is made and how to protect the mother’s milk supply, common breastfeeding challenges, signs your baby is getting enough to eat, and tips for surviving the first 6 weeks. She also focuses on how and where to find personalized breastfeeding support. A second class on post partum pumping/returning to work is held at Mother & Baby Source. These classes are invaluable to help you to have an empowering and positive experience in breastfeeding. The fee for these classes are $40.

Click on the Class Schedule & Register link below to see the class dates and times, and to register.

Class Schedules and Register here

If you have any other questions that were not answered here, please email me at jennifer@birthfusion.com.